Spring Happenings

We are so happy that spring is finally here! 


A lot has happened on the farm in just a short time. Weather has been an issue at times, but we are making do.

All the sheep have had their babies. For our first lamb of the year we reached out to all our Facebook fans to help with her name. We were stuck between Gwen and Iris. It was a close call but Iris was the winner.

We started all the seeds in February and March. The cucumbers and tomatoes are growing very quickly and almost ready to plant in the hoop house. Our new, larger, hoop house is almost finished. There was some difficulty putting up the plastic in the wind.



maple-2Maple syrup is all done and packaged. We had a new label design done for our glass bottles.

The last of our pork went in for processing. There probably won’t be any for the rest of this year (2018). If you are interested in anything it’s important to contact us and be put on our sign up sheet. Beef will be going in the month of April, and more in May. Once you are put on our sign up sheet we will double check with you when the time gets close for that product.


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