How Much Does Processing Cost? 

Processing for a quarter of beef costs around $100 depending on what cuts you have done, and the size of the animal.


Where Do You Get Processing Done?

We use both Jerome Country Market on US-12, and Hillsdale Country Meats on Territorial Road for processing.


What Does A Quarter Beef Cost?

The cost of a quarter beef is determined by the hanging weight of the animal. We charge $3.00 / lb. of hanging weight, which usually ends up costing around $500. You also must figure in the processing cost. By the time you figure both these costs, the quarter will cost somewhere around $600. Please remember this is an estimate, and can very in either direction.


How Much Space Will I Need In My Freezer? 

You will need approximately 4 cubic feet of freezer space for a quarter beef. That is equal to inside of about 4 milk crates.


What Is Hanging Weight?

This is the dressed weight or carcass weight of the animal on the rail. It is what you get when most of the inedible parts are removed.


Do You Raise Your Own Meat?

All meat we sell is raised on our farm. We do not use any additives, growth hormones, or antibiotics.