Return of the Beef!

The time has come! This is like a special celebration, the day we pick up our meat from the processor. We arrived home and were excited to again have a freezer full of options.

Being farmers, who raise beef cattle, you would think we would never run out of meat. Sadly, the unfortunate event happened and our freezer was void of beef.

Refusing to use store bought meat we fought through it. Our suppers were dull and in much need for some home grown beef.

The first thing we indulged in was a juicy, one-inch, porterhouse steak, grilled to perfection on our Holland Grill.


The above picture is what a half of beef will get you. The hanging weight of the half was 345 lbs. (this is what it weighs before it is all cut up).

When it was cut up and packaged we ended up with 209 lbs. of meat.

The 209 pounds of delicious, all natural beef was made into: 

  • 19 packages of burger patties
  • 96 one pound packages of ground burger 
  • 6 packages of liver 
  • 22 packages of steak (3 per pack) 
  • 10 packages of stew meat – perfect for soups and stir fry 
  • 8 Roasts 
  • 1 Brisket 

The final cost ended up being $5.78 per pound (this includes the processing cost). That’s a great price when you think about what a package of steaks, or a delicious roast costs at the grocery store. It gives me a good feeling to know that our beef are raised naturally, and get to enjoy the fresh green grass. They don’t get growth hormones, or antibiotics, and we don’t added filler and coloring to the meat when it is processed.

I sure love having all these choices on hand when it comes to meal planning.




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