Let me just say that I am currently procrastinating by doing other work. OoopsI’d much rather write a post for you, than a paper for class. I think you understand.

Our business is growing and we like to keep you updated and informed about what we do. A few days ago I realized we haven’t talked much about our pork. How could we neglect such an important thing? I’m here to fix that mistake.

For many new customers, or people interested in our products, we might not be providing enough information about how we work. You are our top priority and your complete satisfaction is very important to us.

What we do is raise our pigs until they are the ideal weight for market. They get a lot of what I call “happy food,” which is basically leftovers and produce year round. This is just a nice treat for them AND they love seeing that food bowl. Their main meal is dry grain that we process ourselves. Our animals well being is important. By processing our animals food we know exactly what is going in it.

We do not give them any growth hormones or antibiotics. 

A fun little fact my Pa shared with me is that, the flavor of the pork can change by what the animal is eating.

To my family, the farmers, it is very important to give our bodies quality, healthy foods. We eat everything we grow!

By having beef and pork in the freezer we are able to plan ahead with our meals, or even grab something last minute without have to go to the store.

We take out 3 or 4 days of meat at a time, and put it in the fridge to thaw. Then, the meals are all planned out and ready to cook. If you are in a hurry we recommend a dutch oven or slow cooker. Set it on low and go!

We find that we are also more likely to eat at home than eat out, because we have the food at home and ready to go.

When you purchase beef or pork from us you can choose how you want it processed. What cuts you want, and any type of smoking. It’s whatever your taste palette desires!

The meats are vacuum packed so they keep a long time in the freezer.


Some of our favorites 

  • Ham 
    • Our pigs hams are really large!
    • We get 2 1/2 inch ham steaks off each ham
      • Great for cutting up & making scalped potatoes and ham
    • If you get each ham cut in half you can have 4 hams (2 if you only purchased half a hog)
    • The ham provides our family of 5 with lots of leftovers
  • Brats 
    • You can pick what flavors you would like made. Cheddar brats are one of our favorites.
  • Smoked Pork-chops 
    • Grill them up or pop them in the oven.


When you purchase a pig from us you will go through a few simple steps. 

  1. Contact Maude’s Place to reserve a half or whole pig
    • If you are like me, and terrified to make phone calls, just send a text, email, or fill out the form from this link.
    • We will confirm the reservation with you, and send an invoice for what you owe us. We accept cash, check, PayPal, and credit cards.
  2. Speak with Jerome Country Market 
    • Once we contact you that the pork has gone in you will need to speak with Jerome Market about what processing you would like done.
    • Once again you can avoid that phone call by filling it out on their website. Yay!
  3. Pay Jerome for the processing fee & pick your meat up directly from the Market 
    • When the pork is ready to be picked up, Jerome Market will call the buyer, and the buyer will pay Jerome for the processing fee, and pick up the meat directly from the Market.

Whole Hog $300 + processing

Half Hog $150 + processing

  • A pig usually weighs around 225-300 pounds when it is ready for processing
  • A 300-pound live pig gives you around 144 pounds of cut meat in the freezer
  • Processing cost varies depending on cuts, how much smoking is done, if brats are being made, etc.
  • Processing for a WHOLE pig averages around $150


Please keep in mind that weights and processing cost are all estimates.


If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us in any way that is most convenient for you!

Time to go get some bacon and sausage out of the freezer for breakfast tomorrow! Recipes might be on their way to you soon. I still need to finish that paper… maybe tomorrow.


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