Making Syrup

Maple syrup was being made on this farm back in the 1800’s. So, five years ago we decided to give it a try. It’s a very fun process, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Unfortunately, this year has been tough for syrup making. It has been too warm for the processes and we had to battle the bugs. We may not have as much syrup as we were hoping, but we have enough to last us another year.

It’s neat to see the clear sap turned into a nice rich brown syrup at the end.


First, we set all the buckets and taps out in the woods on our maple trees.


Then, we go out daily to empty the buckets, and take the sap to our sugar shack for processing.


After a very long time boiling, the sap turns into syrup. We boil it until it becomes syrup, and seal it in bottles.


My favorite thing to put maple syrup on is bacon! Pancakes and French toast are always good too, but bacon is clearly the best 🙂



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