The Homegrown Difference

We get a few questions about the difference between our product and the product at the store, it’s supposedly the same thing, just cheaper.DSC_1320

You go through the store and look at all your options, compare the price, and read in-depth about each product. How do you know where the product is truly from and what was involved in raising it? There’s a lot of loopholes when it comes to raising and labeling these products. You should also be thinking about how far the product has traveled to get to your table.

Some think the best meat is never frozen and others think grass finished is the way to go.

We decided to purchase ground beef from the grocery store and compare it to our own.


The store ground beef has never been frozen and costs $3.19 / lb.

Our ground beef is flash frozen and cost $5.50 / lb.

The meat was then put to the cooking test. The store meat was a little over 1 pound so IDSC_1444.jpg.jpeg
made sure to use a scale and make it exactly 1 pound. On the left is our beef and on the right, store beef. I noticed that the store ground beef broke down to really small pieces and ours was a little more chunky. You can also see the difference in color when it is cooked as well as when it was still raw. With store-bought meat, it is most likely that they add coloring to the meat to make it look more fresh to people. After they were fully cooked I drained them to the best of my ability in the same exact way. There was a slight difference in color of the grease and film-like residue that floated to the bottom. The store bought meat has more grease and looked to be green and dark yellow / less clear.


I then made everyone in the household taste each meat without knowing what was what. Everyone agreed that store meat definitely didn’t have a fresh meat flavor. However, It was easy for us to tell the difference because we have always grown our own meat and are not used to the store-bought flavor. So we challenge you to compare it for yourselves and see what your family and friends think. Feel free to let us know how your personal experiment went.

Next, we compared tomatoes

I’ll just show you the difference for these and not ramble on.

Store: $0.98 for the 1 tomato

Ours: $0.70 ($3.50 / 1 qt. holding approximately 5 tomatoes)

(Left: store – Right: Maude’s Place)


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