Home grown meat under 20 months

We raise all the cattle on our farm. The calves are born spring through fall. During this time our pastures are prime for making rich milk. When the cows are away from the barn, and out in the pasture, sickness is almost obsolete.

Taking care of the land is a top priority to us, which is why we do rotational grazing. By doing this, our calves are born in a very natural environment.

The cattle are grass fed most of their life. We then finish them off with dry grain added to their diet. We process this grain ourselves. This way we know what is in it.

We do NOT use any growth hormones or antibiotics. 

The meat is sold in quarters, halves, and whole. We are now licensed to sell individual cuts as well.


We send the cattle for processing at

Jerome Country Market


Countryside Quality Meats (for individual packaging)


How much meat do you get?

In one of our blog post about beef we brought home a half beef. This is what we got.


209 lbs. of meat cut up from a 345 lb. hanging weight.

  • 19 packages of burger patties
  • 96 pounds of packaged ground beef
  • 6 packages of liver
  • 22 packages of steak (3 per package)
  • 10 packages of stew meat
  • 8 roast
  • 1 brisket

You get to customize your processing order to meet your family needs.



$3 per pound of hanging weight, plus the processing fee.

The processing fee varies due to customizing options.


Animal Market Terms 

  • Live weight – What the live animal weights from the farm.
  • Hanging weight – The weight the butcher gives us once the animal is taken back to hang before cutting.
  • Take home weight – How much all your meat weighs once all cut up to your preference.


Buying Process 

Step One 

  • Contact us to reserve a quarter, half, or whole beef. 
    • Call, text, email, or fill out form below.
    • We will confirm the reservation with you.
    • We will send you an invoice for what you owe us, once the lamb is delivered to the processor.

Step Two 

  • Speak with Jerome Country Market 
    • Once we contact you that your beef has gone to Jerome you will need to speak with Jerome Market about the cuts of meat you would like.
    • We would be more than happy to talk with you about cut options and processing before you call Jerome.

Step Three 

  • Pay Jerome for processing fee & pick your meat up directly from the Market. 
    • Jerome will call you when your beef is ready to pick up. You will need to pay Jerome for the processing fee then you will take your meat home.
    • Contact us if you are in need of delivery.

If you have any questions we are more than happy to answer them. Feel free to contact us in the most convenient way for you.

If you are interested fill out this simple online form.


*all of your information will remain confidential


If you are interested in individual cuts, please contact us. Thank you!