Our lamb is only available once a year and tends to sell out quickly. They are raised on fresh pasture grass and hay, grown by us.

It will be available at the end of May or early June.


  • 80 lbs and under – $3.00 / lb.
  • 80-100 lbs. – $2.50 / lb.
  • 100 lbs. and up – $2.00 / lb.

Processing Options

  • Lamb Chops
  • Loin End Roast
  • Shoulder Roast
  • Shoulder Steak
  • Leg of Lamb Roast
  • Leg of Lamb Steak
  • Lamb Shanks
  • Ribs
  • Stew Meat
  • Ground Lamb
  • Liver
  • Heart

Processed by Jerome Country Market

Buying Process 

Step One

  • Contact us to reserve your meat. 
    • Call, text, email, or fill out form below.
    • We will confirm the reservation with you.
    • We will send you an invoice for what you owe us, once the lamb is delivered to the processor.

Step Two

  • Speak with Jerome Country Market 
    • Once we contact you that your lamb has gone to Jerome you will need to speak with Jerome Market about the cuts of meat you would like.
    • We would be more than happy to talk with you about cut options and processing before you call Jerome.

Step Three 

  • Pay Jerome for processing fee & pick your meat up directly from the Market. 
    • Jerome will call you when your lamb is ready to pick up. You will need to pay Jerome for the processing fee then you will take your meat home.
    • Contact us if you are in need of delivery.


If you are interest fill out out this simple online form.

Online Form For Lamb 

*all of your information will remain confidential