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Why would we get a white dog for the farm?

Jack Albert, is our two year old German Shepard.

This cheerful dog has a big personality let me tell you. Toys do not stand a chance at survival, or tender loving care. If you need a dog toy tested, Jack is your dog, he has a lot of toy tearing experience.

We have found a cheap solution for puppy entertainment. When Jack spends time watching over us we give him a squash. He finds squash to be a great toy.

The question we have a hard time answering is, why would we get a white dog for the farm? All I can say is…he was cute. The poor guy had a three and a half hour drive home, from Indianapolis Indiana.

He has more pictures taken of him than a first born child. Jack thinks everyone who comes to the roadside store is there to see him. He loves people, but if you don’t want to pet Jack, just ignore him and he will go back to what he is doing.

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