Happy pigs fed garden leftovers



We raise pigs on our farm from start to finish. It takes about 8 months to raise a pig to ideal market weight.

Their main meal is dry grain and very often garden leftovers.

We do not give them any growth hormones or antibiotics.

When you order your pork at a bulk wholesale price you can customize your processing. You will pick what cuts you want and any type of smoking.

The meat is currently sold in halves or whole.

We have our pork processed at Jerome Country Market for wholesale purchases. The meats are vacuum packed so they keep a long time in the freezer.


Weight – For a whole pig the average hanging weight is around 220 lbs.



  • Whole $300 plus processing
  • Half $150 plus processing


  • Cost varies depending on what you order. Such as smoking.
  • The average cost has been around $165 – for a whole

Buying Process: 

  • Step One 
    • Contact us to reserve a half or whole
      • Call, text, email, or fill out the form below.
      • We will confirm the reservation with you.
      • We will send you an invoice for what you owe us, once the pork is delivered to the processor.
  • Step Two 
    • Speak with Jerome Country Market
      • Once we contact you that your pork has gone into Jerome you will need to speak with Jerome Market about the cuts you would like and smoking, if desired.
      • We would be more than happy to talk with you about cut options and processing before you call Jerome.
  • Step Three 
    • Pay Jerome for processing fee & pick your meat up directly from the market.
      • Jerome will call you when your pork is ready to pick up.
    •  We will send you an invoice for the amount you will need to pay us.
      • Contact us if you are in need of delivery.


Pork Processing Options

If you have any questions we are more than happy to answer them. Feel free to contact us in the most convenient way for you.

If you are interested fill out this simple online form.


*all of your information will remain confidential